The week of 1 to 7 August 2018, marks the national breastfeeding awareness week. A natural action that is most times frowned upon by society and new mothers.

This week is about embracing the positives of breastfeeding regarding your health as a new mother as well as the health of your child.

It’s incredible how nature allows a mother to feed her child using her body, by providing a nutritious milk substance through her breast. In order for her milk to be nutritious, she must ensure that she eats well.

By breastfeeding a mother lowers her chances of getting all sorts of infections (UTIs are so sore!) and it helps prevent cancer (next month is cancer awareness month) such as breast and uterus cancer. It also reduces her risk of contracting milk fever, which may occur when she produces more milk than what she gives.

Apart from fever, other symptoms that can occur when over-producing milk are swelling and pain of the breast. By breastfeeding, she allows her body to adjust to changes, and relieve her breasts from the task of producing more milk than it should.

Another personal benefit of breastfeeding is its ability to assist your body in shedding extra weight (even without a diet) by increasing your metabolism. Your body has to use up extra fuels to produce the milk and therefore is working in overdrive to keep up with demand.

By breastfeeding your child, the milk produced will be in accordance with what your child requires. Breastfeeding milk is filled with vitamins and calcium which no formula can replace. This will provide great benefits to your developing child, not only in fighting off bad bacteria, diarrhea, enterovirus, infections and cancers, it also enhances the child’s growth and assists with nurturing and developing a child’s personality, it is proven that a mother who breastfeeds her child has a closer bond with her child than those who are raised on a bottle alone.